Allies, Interference... Impasse?

Ebrahim- 06; The Mullahs and Iraq
Tehran plans...
(SOURCE: M.East "Think tank")

(QUOTE)"There is another question about Iran as a neighbor that is not an Arab state. The interlinking of Iran’s political, intelligence, financial and military strategies is clear – though not officially. The highest Shia force in Iraq is the Supreme Council for Islamic Resistance in Iraq (SCIRI), which was formed in Tehran and is one of its most important allies. The Shia-Kurdish alliance against the Sunnis may have forced the Kurds to turn a blind eye to the extent of Iranian interference in Iraq.
Since the Kurds, at the end of day, look towards separation and independence from Iraq, the Iranian interference may not, in the end, concern the Kurds very much at this stage. But what is the American position regarding the Iranian interference? The Americans are at the moment the strongest and most important allies of the Shia. Do the Americans appreciate the extent of Iranian interference in Iraq? The fact is that one of the reasons – perhaps the most important one – behind the hostile American stance towards Iran is, supposedly, Iranian policy in the region and, specifically, her meddling in Iraq, which the Americans have long demanded should be ended. (END QUOTE)"
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State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said: "Senior Iraqi and Iranian officials had met in the past, and we haven't seen much by way of follow-up on it. The problem is not what they say, the problem is what they do," he said.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, meanwhile, told Muallem that Iraq would not be a proxy battleground for Syria and the US to settle their differences. Read more
James Joyner at Outsidethebeltway: Engaging with Syria
Excerpt: "The regime in Syria is going to do what it
believes most maximizes its advantage"...

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Right Truth: The Shiite Army In Iraq

UPDATE: Amidst Iran's obvious divisions; this from the Captain!
The End Of The Mullahcracy?

Scrappleface: Iran, Syria Offer to Guard Iraq from Terrorists

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