Destabilization, now Assassination

When will this 'Militant Madness' Ever Stop?
Lebanese Official Assassinated in Beirut
IS Hizbollah a "SCIRL" in Lebanon, as al-Qaeda is a SCIRI in Iraq?
(Supreme Council for Islamic Resistance in Iraq)
Hot air is reporting:
Breaking: Anti-Syrian Lebanese cabinet
member murdered in Beirut suburb
Syria condemns blame 'charade' after Lebanon killing

Updated at 2310 PST
WASHINGTON: Syria rejected blame for the killing of Lebanese cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel though its embassy here Tuesday, branding claims it was involved as a "charade" meant to tar its reputation.

"This charade of blaming Syria for every malicious event in
Lebanon has been exposed a long time ago and is, simply,
losing all credibility,
" the embassy statement said.
PARIS 11 . 20. 06: French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy on Monday accused Syria and Iran of attempting to unseat Lebanon's embattled prime minister, Fouad Siniora.

"It is well known that Syria and Iran are pushing at this time for the destabilization of the government of Fouad Siniora," the French diplomat told the a television station.

Douste-Blazy's comments come the day after the head of Lebanon's powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah urged his supporters to prepare street protests to topple the anti-Syrian government, which is beset by political crisis.

"I do not think that there is a war between Israel and Lebanon," Douste-Blazy said. "I think that Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are trying to destabilize Lebanon, which is our friend."
This situation prompted the UN envoy to Lebanon, Terje Roed Larsen, to say in New York recently: “The situation in Lebanon is worrying, and the political rivalries there show a great deal of tension.”

"Nasrallah cannot orchestrate 'riots in the streets' by people of a country so very weary of war, deaths, unrest, and repercussions of a Militant army who (on the one hand befriending them) and on the other hand wishes to waltz them into war...Time to hold countries accountable for the Armies they commission."-MB
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