Iran: "Secret" Sales and Sepah Freeze

In September of 2006 the US Treasury took steps to end the role of Iran's Bank Saderat from funding terrorism; and cut the bank off from the U.S. financial system altogether...
-The secret sales of weaponry to terror groups found in Iraq, and illegal sales of weaponry showing up in the hands of multiple militant groups...
View A -U.S. Treasury Department release, Jan. 9
(Excerpt below)
-International Banks have made their own assertion:
"The Government of Iran is facilitating its proliferation and terrorism activities through the world's financial system, using its state-owned banks and an array of front companies and other deceptive techniques specifically designed to evade the controls of responsible financial institutions."
Omar at: Iraq the Model has us look at some of those "secrets"...
Iran is helping Shia militias = Direct strong support
Syria is helping Sunni militants and Ba'athists = Direct strong support
IRGC supports small and particular groups of Sunni extremists = Direct limited yet effective support
Iran is helping Syria and Hezbollah = Direct strong support
Syria is helping Hezbollah =Direct strong support
Hezbollah is helping the Mehdi Army = Direct limited yet effective support...Read more
A -U.S. Treasury Department release, Jan. 9:
U.S. Treasury Undersecretary Stuart Levey designated Iran’s fifth-largest bank, the Bank Sepah, as “a supporter of WMD proliferation.” Under an executive order issued in 2005 by President George W. Bush, the finding requires all U.S.-held Bank Sepah assets to be frozen and bans all U.S. individuals and companies from conducting business with Bank Sepah...
The bank “provides direct and extensive financial services to Iranian entities responsible for developing missiles capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction,” Levey said in a statement. Furthermore, “Bank Sepah has engaged in a range of deceptive practices in an effort to avoid detection, including requesting that other financial institutions take its name off of transactions when processing them in the international financial system”
Financial Institutions have done so of their own accord, many concluding that they did not wish to be the banker for a regime that funds terrorism, defies the UN Security Council in pursuing a nuclear program, and deliberately conceals the nature of its business...Read more.
Executive Order 13382
Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass
Destruction Proliferators and Their Supporters :
Right Truth shows us the urgancy of this matter:
Hamas in Mississippi

Chad at Inthebullpen details the new Bush strategies:
Bush Takes Tougher Stance on Iran
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