Egypt & Turkey: Present an Iraq Solution

Amidst a multitude of issues in the region, an exchange of ideas aimed at helping to restore stability in Iraq were presented by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit...and (right) Turkish counterpart Abdullah the Ministry Head Office in Ankara, yesterday...
EFM Ahmed expressed hope for success in U.S. Strategy
"Iraq belongs to Iraqis and restoring order in Iraq will be achieved
particularly by Iraqis who are claiming their country."

The meeting highlighted the disbanding of militias, the luring of Sunni Arabs into politics, and a share-out of the country's oil revenues as primary measures for restoring stability in Iraq...
VIDEO: Prince Turki Al-Faisal on Iraq
This is precisely what Prince Turkit has said all along. I regret that the US did not enable the voice of the Prince, from the beginning... As a result...
The (SCIRI) Supreme Council for Islamic Resistance in Iraq, was established and gained foot-hold to over-throw this country! Affiliates of this organization backed by Syria and Iran, began the widespread killings of Sunnis, and deaths of US forces... The (SCIRI) must be expelled from Iraq immediately, in order that Iraqis can be joined together politically, militarily, and financially... This is the only answer to this conflict...
Linked to: Chad at inthebullpen does a follow-up on the Six Iranian Officials Detained in Iraq: Did U.S. Raid Net a Top Iranian Official?
Debbie at Right Truth posts:
CAIR's man in congress named to Judiciary Committee

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