Mr. Pickens on Oil & M.East Turmoil; Bloomberg (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

T-Boone discusses energy; and the Middle East...
Tom Keene interview; Bloomberg TV; "Surveillance Midday."

Keene: "How do you "project" a policy to the Middle East; given the turmoil there."

T-Boone: "I don’t see dictating to people in the Middle East; we have resources; and we have them here."

Meanwhile... Progressives bundle access to Natural Gas Act, with "Cap-&-trade" [schemes]

Obama tells Americans, "Get used to it"... "Trade your car"...
And more statistical [lies], as job-kill legislation threatens job-placement.
-Video ht: [americanelephant]

Today's Links...
-Video: Boone predicts $120 oil: [View]
-Party of Unintended Consequence: [Read]

We're a solid decade from perfected alternative energy; but help may be on its way, in a July Congressional vote! (more later)

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