Policies that demonize job creators; are making "job-less Americans" lucky to find a bench in the park

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Obama says he just wants to sit in Central Park, watching "folks passing by".. But it appears that he can't... because (basically) he is STUCK running our country .....Into the ground!!

Image: Getty; $3T in bail-out election favors

Obama: "I just miss - I miss being anonymous"...
Video: And then goes to the Lincoln Memorial...

ht: RbtKraft, and Ginger

...."I can't take a walk."
(Video: Obama doing the slo mo prance)
I know... Let's build them their RAIL....
And then, run em' out of town!!!...*<[;o) ~~

(More later)

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