"Shared values in family" speech; despite disturbing reports. Updated: "Special Interests" snippet

-Barbay (France/US)

Giving a toast to "shared family values"...
After statist/communist govt, abducts its own citizens?

This speech given months after Chinese Govt kidnapped a 23 yr old mother; & separated her from 1 month old baby; while she was forced to undergo sterilization procedure...
(Video from: [CNS News]

Chinese Human Rights Defenders (a U.S-based group) had issued a full report to the Obama/Clinton Administration; along with many other incidents of the Government's, "family abuse" ..[read]

-Snippet: "Special Interests, explained" in (53 seconds!)

"All of us, regardless of party, should be worried that the American people can find out what's going on in the White House" -POTUS, Obama (Well, sort of)
This Administration's biggest enemy, is someone who dares to hold a different view... Including opposition voters, and especially Tea Parties, protecting next generation collateral.

(Video) First and Last thing: [View] ...Robot? :D
Today's Links...
Landslide Vote! James Taranto of [WSJ]
"One of the most important reforms is that union dues will become voluntary... State and local government will no longer take money out of their employees' paychecks and hand it over to the unions... [read]

UPDATE: Union disruptions have cost WI, billions! Now they're protesting the outcome of the vote!

-View: [VIDEO!] -Also at: [Rebelpundit]

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