[110411] - Côte d'Ivoire - Arrestation de Laurent Gbagbo... (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

They took him! A slow divide of the people... Now with massive amounts of Media, he will face massive amounts of propaganda, and falsehoods...

UN has not corrected the results of the invented tale of mass graves (2000) which blamed Gbagbo.... Gbagbo says, "I ordered an investigation and we had an inquiry. We had a trial and the gendarmes who were accused were acquitted." [read]

Does this mean that the UN is granted the power to superseded and disregard any country's laws, Supreme Court, or sovereignty? ... And how many large swaths of disgruntled world populations will this create, who want help with a coup d'État; under "certain" conditions? This is a huge mistake!

Après le coup d'État, la propagande continue:

Rebels allied with Ouattara were accused of carrying out [revenge killings] in a predominantly Ebrie village, an ethnic group that voted in large numbers for Gbagbo...

Image: Ouattara; Former 'Globalist' World Banker

Attacks were witnessed by the Salesian missionaries; of the supporters of Ouattara; who for months have been in contention with Gbagbo for the Presidency of the country...

Between 10,000 and 30,000 civilians were essentially trapped in the Salesian compound... [Read]
[---]"Unanimous Supreme Court decision cites clear and specific evidence of voter fraud, including 500 polling stations that didn’t count a single vote for Gbagbo...

We have no reason to believe voter fraud didn’t occur.
A Reuters report revealed Quattara banned European Union representatives from observing poll stations in segments of the country controlled by rebel forces... [read]
-VIDEO: Discussion. Par al jazeera [VIEW]
-VIDEO: L'employé Obama reconnaît l'employé Ouattara: [View]

The "supposed" Global Government is getting worrisome...
But for what ever reason(s) of the Day; there are far too many casualties, here... We need to see their blueprint...

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