Dems Bundle access to Natural Gas Act, with "Cap & Trade" Schemes

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

As Obama Team holds the Natural Gas Act hostage to get their top political agenda, "cap and trade" passed... Dems bundle energy bills with "Job-kill" legislation which threatens job-placement... It will prove crucial to make the connection that a 9.7% unemployment rate is Tax-payer's no-confidence vote... This "Gotcha policy" is Tyranny...

Americans want OUR energy access, but don't want millions more jobs purged; or a centralized GOV to tax & intrude on every aspect of our lives.

T-Boone (interviewed below) raises good points, but does not address this concern... But also keep in mind; he's also a Gas-King... *<[;o)~~

Eyecon Video Productions-
T Boone Pickens Interview
from Greg Coon on Vimeo.

So, what's the immediate policy needed, for our Energy future?... I would say, pass the Natural Clean Gas Act, [on its own.] Job stability should have been a core policy; & the Natural Gas Act (H 1408) absent "cap & Trade" is a policy that will begin to stabilize energy prices; which should have been at the fore-front of U.S. recovery...

We must also continue with business Tax-incentives... But SCRAP the "Platitudinous" policy; as will only serve to further erode confidence in Government... High unemployment has moved this Administration into a credibility-crisis bubble; ready to burst in 2010/12...

Today's Links...
VIDEO: WYNN Highlights Econ-policy That Dems Passed Up: VIEW.

We were all supposed to work for Unions, drive tiny cars, listen to one station, vote one party... But (once again) Democrats blew the opportunity to create 5% unemployment without mass bailouts... And now Democrats are dragging with Nuclear energy; while failing to approve a SIMPLE clean Gas Bill.

-Preferring "regime-building" to turning the country around...Dem's central planning over-reach; is sabotaging our recovery.


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