Columbus day: Media prints erroneous transcript, instead of Paladino speech; (N.Y. Cuomo Gays furious)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Paladino "eclipsed" on Columbus Day

From ACE: On the "dysfunctional homosexual" line:
"I didn't say that, I didn't write it, and no one on my staff did either"
"He didn't actually say it... This is known fact. It was in his prepared remarks, and Newsday erroneously reported he said it. He didn't. When he got to that part, he just skipped over it."

Reid Epstein points out that the comments were passed out in written form to reporters before Paladino spoke, not after. [read]

Paladino asks, "Who wants to talk issues?" FACT: Paladino is the most qualified to solve N.Y. Nanny State; will not sign more Obama Legislation.

-More: At the Columbus Day Parade.
-Paladino also suggests that Children not attend the parades...
This seems valid, because most videos show levels of nudity...

Today’s Links…
-An eclipse helped Columbus's arrival in America.

Christopher Columbus also bore witness to the Bermuda Triangle oddities; but likely nothing like the political dog-fight in N.Y...

-A Few Clarifications on Columbus Day: [here]

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