A few clarifications on Columbus Day

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

After Cortez the Conquistador defeated the Aztec rulers of Mexico; amidst heart cuttings, subjugations, sacrifices to their gods, slavery and tyranny...
Image: 1910 Hopi snakedance

In came the 1492 Italian explorer (working for Spain) which later brought many settlers with far fewer natives, to the New World to build lives.

Father's side of my family tree were settler physicians and surgeons; who helped to bridge an extension for the longevity of man; having already left those archives in European history... And later archived enthusiastic cooperation with Indians, which aided in the evolution of a more predictable application of medicine, & treatments, also in the new land...

Life was extended, and this requires more resources, and wise decisions have not always been implemented... For this we do not blame longevity, but UNWISE decision....
We move together as one, to correct it... :)
Video includes a narrative from Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman (0:00 - 1:22) (August 17, 1936 - December 13, 2007).. Very, very, touching!

Edward Hudgins at atlassociety nails it completely by clarifying that:
We did not prosper by conquering other men but, rather, by planting and sowing crops, reversing baron landscapes to predictable agriculture... and building a life of which medicine could help lessen mortality rate...

Note: Another side of my family history was Tsarist Aristocracy of Romanov Russia. But yet another casualty of history, of which neither side has been accurately told.

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