DioGuardi falsely smeared; but the second N.Y. vote will be via 'wealthy Feet' (Video!)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

(R) Candidates poised to make N.Y. more competitive; as Media distracts with smears and barrage of false accusations...
-The N.Y./ California's "Blue State" Fatal distraction...

If N.Y. is to keep solvent and on track; it will NOT be via supporters of merging Cap and trade scheme (proven job killers) aided by bloated spending!
-Must View Video, of most qualified Candidate in New York:

-VIEW VIDEO: [here]
Interview with Former Congressman Joe DioGuardi on radio show "The Advocates"
Today, DioGuardi is "smeared" as CPA for a company's post-litigation reorganization...
-Media Distractions! #
Odd... No mention of (Cuomo) who designed and ran the sub prime mtg program scheme, that destroyed our Mortgage economy; & reaped millions?
-From DioGuardi...
"We’re losing jobs, money is flying out the window. My biggest issue, one I’m uniquely qualified to speak to, is the lack of fiscal accountability at every level of government, you can’t imagine the amount of waste I see with my trained eyes."
-What's the sum impact of Democrat-dominated legislature, pushing a tempest of higher energy prices, & mass bloated State spending?

They fled to RED STATE Success...
California is finally waking up, amidst media's "false" & distracting campaign issues.

-Chart shows exists from my state:
-Image: Wealth Exodus USA Today

From top Oklahoma Economist...
"We are outperforming the rest of the country," says Mickey Hepner, an economist at the University of Central Oklahoma. "Our personal income is growing a little faster than elsewhere...

"We didn't suffer the depths of recession like the rest of the country, so we could bounce back a little more quickly." -UCO; Hepner
Of the many, many, examples... In August, Boeing announced plans to shift 550 jobs from Long Beach to its complex next to Tinker Air Force Base outside Oklahoma City. [read]

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