After 18 months of Media black-outs, newscaster asks if Tea Party has lost momentum? (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

NBC's Meredith, asks if Social issues are "drowning them out."
Bachmann clarifies the Mainstream Media-Bias, #1 Boogieman issue!

-From Newsbusters... NBC's Vieira Fails to Knock Michele Bachmann... [read]
As more and more voters realize that Unions, Tax-spend, and MASS entitlements are draining their states toward insolvency.

The Tea party Media Boogieman... :D (ha-ha)
Some have heard a lot about what we are said to believe, but nothing of what we really believe. Bill Whittle chalks out the basics of Tea Party Conservatism.

Tea party Movement:
In this segment, Bill talks about the advantages of small government and free enterprise. What we believe: The most clear and concise beliefs of the Nation's Conservatism

Bill Whittle definitely gives best Tea Party clarification, yet... And if you believe in fiscal responsibility, and Constitutional principals; you're already a descendant of a Tea-party. :D (ha-ha)

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