Miners of Chile freed; as rescue continues: Update: All miners Freed! Thus marks end of debate on free mrkt capitalism

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The profit = innovation dynamic was everywhere at the mine rescue site. [Int'l Capitalism Explained] It is an important time to mention this, as getting a country's economics right is more important than at any time since World War ll...[read more]
-AUDIO (wsj) [here]

"Tube to Freedom" -Matt
-Michelle live-blogs.. (w/ rescue images) [here]
As families await rescue of their loved ones, via Live-video.
-VIEW: Foxnews Live-stream: [here]
-First of 33 Miners rescued from Chilean Mine: [read]
"Nobody wants to be first," said Liliane Ramírez, the wife of Mario Gómez, the oldest of the miners; explaining it as a sign of the group’s unity. [read]

-Guardian has live coverage: [here]
-Gateway has a: [VIDEO] and also pointed to:
-Michelle's added piece on today's rescue efforts:

"In a different day and age, Jeff Hart would be the most famous American in our country right now. He would be honored at the White House. Schoolchildren would learn of his skill and heroism.

Jeff Hart is a driller based in my home state of Colorado. The father of two has been drilling water wells in Afghanistan at U.S. Army bases.

When the San Jose Mine in Chile collapsed in August, he flew to lend his renowned expertise to the rescue effort. As part of an amazing three-way race to the trapped miners, Hart drilled for 33 days straight and was first to reach the caved-in workers...
- The AP recounts the story — and what strikes me again and again is how the world turned to American ingenuity and American fortitude and American equipment and American enterprise to get the job done." -M.Malkin

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