O'Donnell/Coons debate sparks reality of the threat of today's "Deaf-ear" Congress

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

O'Donnell addresses the looming reality of Culture of Dependency; dismissed by Coons as "diatribe"... But this should alarm all voters & voices of the American people; of whose words are met w/ "deaf ears" of today's Congress...
-Video at real clear politics: [View]

Responding to Marxist accusations; Coons replies:
"I am not now nor have I been anything but a clean-shaven capitalist."
Hasn't everything but U.S. small Biz, missed that "clean shave?"

Majorities in U.S. View Gov't as Too Intrusive and Powerful [read]
Independents largely side w/ Republicans; denouncing big GOV.

-Here's another debate excerpt...
(Double standards loom large.) (ht/gateway)

-DEBATE POINTS (shown, in part)
Evidently, what O'Donnell said (10) years ago, on a 1990's comedy show; just "MIGHT" apply to her decision to allow abortions?
Sort of rich while the left distorts her character, VIA a comedy show...

On the other hand, Coon's Marxists Professor praise (3 weeks ago) on MSNBC; raises NO concern on his possible support for MASS taxation? (Mass-Taxation, being a tenant of Marxist belief.)

-A commenter says this... "O'Donnell being nervous makes her all the more human & easier to relate to than a career politician liberal like Coons. O'Donnell is YOU. O'Donnell is US."

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