(R) Doheny best Candidate to forge new recovery for NY-23; and repair Congress

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Image: Real Clear Politics

The Candidate brings a new recovery mind-set to Washington; as has the successful understanding of the markets, to return this region back to its Historic principals of Conservatism; productivity, & prosperity (NY-23.)

-Video: The Mission: [view]
-Read: The Platform: [here]

Featured (video below) in an April informal announcement of his candidacy to the District; after having -FIRST- toured 20,000 miles around the State introducing himself to Citizens & small businesses...

-Numerous endorsements, & concede of Hoffman would follow.

-Video (of his Mother) [view]
-Doheny’s knowledge is unbeatable: [Video]
-Donate: dohenyforcongress (NY-23)

-NFIB Endorses Doheny: [read]
"National Federation of Independent Businesses gives Doheny its endorsement"

-OWENS WAFFLES ON TAX CUTS, Parties w/ Rahm Manuel: [read]
"And with the same disturbing lack of knowledge on how small businesses work."

-Personal note: Owens camp is trying to impress voters by aligning with a "voting with Republicans" record... But Owens is (indeed) part of the SWAMP that needs to be drained; in order to forge a new path in this country, to REFORM IT!...

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