Summer Solstice: NASA's Colony Prep

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Turning moon dust into drinking water, manufacturing breathable oxygen, and more! US Scientists, with the assistance of a team of Int'l experts; are fulfilling President Bush's vision of Space programs designed to be the most aggressive scientific challenge toward addressing the facts on climate change in earth history

View Video of (07-08) Mission palette: here
And recent technology launches: here! and here!

Friday launch, the next extreme exploration into space: The joint NASA/French Mission/research -global sea-level changes: OSTM/Jason-2 spacecraft! More: Joint NASA-French Topography Mission.
As NASA Int'l Colony Prep continues... (I want to go!)

The Vision calls for the space program to:
-Complete the International Space Station by 2010
-Retire the Space Shuttle by 2010
-Develop the Orion spacecraft (formerly known as the Crew Exploration Vehicle) by 2008, and conduct its first human spaceflight mission by 2014
-Develop Shuttle Derived Launch Vehicles
-Explore Moon with robotic spacecraft missions by 2008 (crewed missions: 2020)
-Explore Mars and other destinations with robotic and crewed missions

Here they are! NASA Field Testing Moon Spacesuits, Vehicles, Robots:
Development of the Constellation system for the USA's eventual return to the moon (no later than 2020) has been underway; since President Bush announced the new initiative in 2004...(Not an exciting film, just visual)

Note: Might be leaving to Sardinia in the morning, and not sure if I can post. Will return on Saturday... Have a nice day, and think good thoughts...

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