NASA: Out of this World Year- 2007

As we near the countdown to a brand New Year...
Many important launches, discoveries, and mapping explorations have set 2008 in position for significant breakthroughs! With the Technical expertise and great enthusiasm of our team of Int'l NASA experts; 2007 was the busiest and most productive year recorded...

View a few of these important highlights!
Not long ago it was reported:
Astronomers find new planets and believe
that billions of habitable planets exist...
• 28 new planets found outside our solar system in the past year."
• Scientists: There could be billions of habitable planets out there
• Four of the solar systems have multiple planets
• "Our home is not a rarity in the universe"

-Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy | HT: golem
You might think the weather is bad today...
But just try spending some time on our neighboring planets!
View: VIDEO: Alien Weather.

And last... This remarkable site tracks:
An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Myth,
Science, and Planetary Catastrophe...
-Kronia—an ancient Greek festival celebrating the primeval rule of Kronos, founder of the mythic Golden Age. Kronos was the Greek name of the planet Saturn...
Ancient testimony, recorded on clay tablets, papyrus, and stone repeatedly speaks of world shattering catastrophe--the earth sinking beneath the waves of a great deluge; the onslaught of a flaming dragon; or a devastating rain of fire and gravel.
Such nightmares were recorded by every culture...
-Quick Tour: Slide-Show
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