Only Pakistan UNITY will Quell Tide of Militancy

UPDATE: It is essential for Pakistanis to UNITE with Musharraf to help keep their government from slipping into the hands of al-Qaeda and Taliban...

Remembering Pakistan: Photo shoot by Pierre in Pakistan during his nearly 2 years stay in Lahore. -Beautiful piece about him, at last of film ... (RIP)


VIDEO: Worst Time in History for Pakistan

And leave it to U.S. Clintons to blame Musharraf’s Governmental practices for the Bhutto attack! Why it never occours to them to blame extremism, is a "dangerously common" party trait.

Minority Terror groups have learned to manipulate populations into forming disunity, as an opening for their take-over... Take a look at Lebanon!
If terror is to EXIT; it will be through the support of Pakistan Unity.

In America Democracy is the People... But it is NOT magic. ANY leader amidst Terrorist Radicalization will be the wrong leader. Today Pakistan is a Nation against minority extremists! These extremists have been led astray, but can be given new HOPE... I believe they can be reformed.

Funeral of Mohammed Zubair (N. west Pakistan.)
40,000 Taliban with a severe grudge!

Remember Terrorist's wage of war on Musharraf?
Pakistan committed to stemming tide of militancy

Pakistan army vows to 'eliminate' terror
after al-Qaeda threat to Musharraf
"We have the aim and objective, as our national duty, to eliminate terrorists and eradicate extremism," army spokesman Maj.-Gen. Waheed Arshad said.

This woman returned to highlight the magnitude threat of extremists...
And now will rest in Peace... View an eye-opening, former interview:

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