The Fate of Musharraf's Pakistan

Photo shoot by Pierre in Pakistan during his nearly 2 years stay in Lahore.
-Beautiful piece about him, at last of film ... (RIP)
Terrorist's wage war on Musharraf
Pakistan committed to stemming tide of militancy

Pakistan army vows to 'eliminate' terror
after al-Qaeda threat to Musharraf
"We have the aim and objective, as our national duty, to eliminate terrorists and eradicate extremism," army spokesman Maj.-Gen. Waheed Arshad said.

Radicals jihadis trail Pak Democratic Movement
Campaigning from a small opening in the weaknesses of their government; do these groups have a limited understanding of the complexities of terror? Or are these groups without the tools to fight it, and instead hold the belief that in Musharraf's defeat, terrorism will disappear? ... Deja Vu U.S. Congress
Anum Naveed: Democratic Movement Chalks out topple strategy

The movement' (above) meets to chalk out strategy to topple President Musharraf's chance for re-election. Underscoring the threat in the wings of the merging pro-Taliban & al-Qaeda jihad who urge Pakistanis to rebel against Musharraf, "the INFIDEL", for his military's siege of a militant mosque stronghold in July... And much more...
Mohammed Zubair: Funeral in troubled northwestern Pakistan
Will all of this terror end with the election of ONE of the many groups who Campaign? ...This answer is not explained. For now, the heated exchange is focused upon Musharraf's Presidential seat, and less about the Terrorists.
(It suggests)

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