Update: Myanmar dhamma March

"We meet hate head-on with love," they chant, and, "We send our love to all the people in the world. We should not kill each other."
Amnesty Calls For Urgent Intervention By the UN
EU Urges Burma to Avoid Crackdown against Street Protests
Safety of Thai Citizens in Burma a Concern, Says Foreign Ministry
AUDIO: Explanation/insights
9. 26. 07 : I ask you to contact the highest official in your Country, to issue statement urging Militants to begin Peaceful dialogue without force.
Yesterday Burma received messages of support from civilians worldwide.
Gordon Brown stated: "A message should go out to anyone facing persecution, anywhere from Burma and Zimbabwe: human rights are universal and no injustice can last forever."
Sarkozy Calls for Generals to Respect Pro-democracy Demonstrations.
The White House urged Burma's military rulers to show "restraint" in dealing with mass protests and said it hoped for dialogue between the regime and the demonstrators.
UPDATE 9. 25. 07 : Hopefully the World will someday realize its moral obligation to peacefully stand behind the security of the World's poor and oppressed...For without this, there can be no 'real' peace.

Today, Burma, one of the World's poorest Nations under repressive military regime; continues to March for quality of life, and an end to Human Rights abuses.
The Monks support Burma's need for Democratic Reform...
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See what you can do, below-
9. 24. 07 : Burmese military threatens monks...
US is ready to apply fresh sanctions against the Burmese militant leaders.
From a reader (bbc)
"We have suffered for a long time under the wicket junta. We are so afraid of them and cannot say what we think of feel. We respect our Buddhist monks very much. Our country has many natural resources but we are very poor. We are a disgrace in the whole world because of our rulers. But we hope for a golden future. We hope for the freedom of Aung San Su Kyi."- Kyi, Rangoon

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. - Buddha
UPDATE: They started in the pouring rain carrying only "up-turned" beggar bowls; and later, Buddhist monks walked into the Shwedagon Pagoda compound through the eastern gate... The first time the regime has ever allowed entrance into the most revered temple in Yangon...
-Soon the monks led 3,000 people! View Slideshow
Monks put Myanmar junta in tight spot -Advance Posted- Fri Sep 21
Khin Maung Win: Monks walk toward Armed Militants in Peaceful Protest
9-24-07: Click-Image for Rain-soaked Monks
Thousands march in Yangon as pressure mounts on Myanmar

-Please continue to use your liberty to support Burma’s Cause:
Listen to John Carry's Video Plea to Ban Ki Moon
Prior post: Monk's 'dhamma & ah-dhamma' March
~ Freedom for Aung San Suu Kyi ~
US and British ambassadors to the United Nations on Thursday expressed their concern about the growing turmoil in Myanmar, urging the junta to allow a visit by UN special envoy, Ibrahim Gambari, "as soon as possible." (more later)
A look at Burma's hard-line generals

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