Monk's 'dhamma & ah-dhamma' March

Today I feel deep sadness for the brave and selflessness Monks of Burma.
In peaceful protest, they stand for the Burmese struggle; as hundreds of these Monks are met with tear-gas & imprisonment by the Junta..
Burmese Monks Reflect the People's Struggle, even though to do so might lead to their deaths. Students of Burma say that many people would like to join the monks in demonstrations, but are afraid of a violent crackdown by the military. The junta gunned down an estimated 3,000 people in a pro-democracy mass uprising in 1988.
UPDATE: Jim Carrey continues his Burma plea to Ban Ki Moon...
Peaceful Burmese blogger flees authorities
"Moezack slipped through their security net and posted photographs of monks marching through Rangoon on the Internet. Both he (and his site) are gone!

NOTE- Today's struggle in Burma: A member of the Alliance of All Burmese Buddhist Monks said in an interview: “This is a fight between dhamma and ah-dhamma (between justice and injustice).”
The Peaceful Buddhist Monks that I know continue to defend (against ALL odds) those who are outnumbered & dwindle to extinction.
In Peace, they provide protection... Below: Abbot-Phra Acharn Chan (& friend)
Click -image- VIEW- VIDEO!

Amidst Buddhists' Peacefulness; the World might discover commonality.
Could a Buddhist Monk stand alongside each of the Nation’s greatest diplomats; to raise consciousness toward Peace? Perhaps the world could learn to strive to be a safer place... What could we loose in trying this?

The Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery Kanchanaburi, Thailand (sanctuary to many tigers) lends symbolic truth to the illusion of FEAR; and on many levels, man's true ability to achieve Peace without it.

The Tiger Temple Foundation:Website
Read more from: Wiki- about the Temple
View: Introducing the Tigers
The Monks of the Foundation pledge to uphold the sanctity of a free and peaceful environment for endangered Animals... Safe from poachers!

The abbot talks to a group of visitors (who hesitate)

เชิญร่วมโครงการ " บ้านใหม่- ให้เสือ" เพื่ออิสระและกลับคืนสู่ป่า

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