Reducing Iran's Elevated Enrichments

Will Arab nations form solidarity to force the Iranian regime to reduce "bomb-capacity enrichments" in order to substanciate energy intent?
A Good Move about now, as: Iran Draws Up Plans to Bomb Israel
The Iranian regime states that they aren't interested in creating bombs for un-peaceful purposes...But isn't the demise and forced departure of the Jews, what Iran considers to be "Peaceful?"
We've already seen what happens in this drama...
For the last year, this has been the playbook of the Mullah Regime...
Iran Cuts Foreign Dollar Assets to 30 Percent
This News agency published one of my watermarked U.S. dollar images! (haha)

Iranian media-propaganda states that a majority of Nations favor acceptance of their "deregulated of Nuclear development"... But the TRUTH IS: A majority of Nations (including America) favored their path to Nuclear energy; without elevated enrichments designed to develop a Bomb!

Iranian deputy air force chief, Gen. Mohammad Alavi boasts:
An upgraded version of Iran's Shahab-3 missile has a range of 1,200 miles capable of reaching Israel and carrying a nuclear warhead. Alavi said Iran's radar bases were monitoring activities at the country's borders around the clock and boasted that it had the capability to confront U.S. cruise missiles.

"One of the issues enemies make publicity about is their cruise missiles. Now, we possess the necessary systems to confront them (cruise missiles)," Alavi was quoted as saying. Read more

UPDATE: As the need for Moderates in the Middle East Escilates:
On Sunday, Kouchner said France had appealed to major companies such as oil giant Total and gas giant Gaz de France not to bid for projects in Iran. He also said France and Germany were preparing possible European Union economic sanctions against Tehran beyond existing U.N. measures.

Israel and Iran cooperate in crash probe
HT: windigo
HUKET, Thailand - Officials from Israel and Iran put aside political animosity Tuesday to work together in using Israeli forensics expertise to identify their dead from the crash of a jetliner on this Thai resort island. Six Israelis and 18 Iranians were among the 89 people killed. #

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