Opposite Poles of Perceptive Ciaos

As earth consciousness continues its journey toward extremes...
This has more to do with massive earth changes than true conflicts...
While many groups who hold grid formations together, now remain in conflict; true humanitarians, such as Bernard Kouchner, find tremendous struggle for middle-ground to prevent further dissention amidst many regions.(NOTE: Mr. Kouchner has often stopped wars to deliver aid to innocent civilians)

Earth imbalance amidst Perceptive Ciaos...
People remain suspicious of peacemakers, & silent among murderers.
Click-Image- View Misperception of our Earthly Ciaos
(Or view clip below)

We are a refection on our earth with its series of loops and changes; and our earth, a mirror of evolution... As part of the twelve key nodes of the grid regions of the North and South poles, near Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramid, and Stonehenge; we are seeing reflections of the tremendous pull of the earth... And inside the higher-self of each one of us; we know that Humanity must reverse the perception of disunity which now unfolds for mankind... That we might assist those who rely upon our Unity.

This little Video clip from Wilrijkse Plein, Antwerpen... Is the closest thing I could find to the type of running script which finds us indulging in the perceptive ciaos that we call reality.
(I can tell you, what we are seeing today, is not reality of life.)

Humanity can shift to the process to stabilize the earth, and reestablish unity & good will; Otherwise we sill further plunge into dissention & purging of innocence... Hr. H (still at an Archeological project in Alexandria, sees massive land changes in the form of merging land-mass off the coast of Greece; and another massive Ethiopian quake large enough to create a substantial shift, before the end of 2007...

Whether you observe and celebrate important spiritual history رمضان (Ramadan) or ראש השנה (Rosh Hashanah) which overlapped on the day of the 13th; these days are the last to make peace... and cast out the perception of disunity. He says not to be afraid.
I have to leave for awhile, on travel. Will post when I can. xoxoxo M.B.

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