We’ll Have to Settle On the Moon

Lately the Moon has become an increased focus-point...
Today's Space projects have seen their most heightened development in America in the last eight years... Evolved to the ISS Planet quest & Hubble repair and NASA merge with ESA as a World participation exploration; combining efforts of several World Nations, to scout out extended resources, new energy sources, amidst the nearest galaxy...

And view preview of Ron Howard's film, "In the shadow of the moon!"
-Opening dates & Showtimes: Near you...

Interesting... For some time it has been said that there is already a presence on the moon. In fact, images taken from Earth with a good telescope are thought to detect recent action. SOURCE
Scientists have long reported of images of Alien craft taken from the Apollo missions.VIDEO: APOLLO 20 Alien Spaceship: ON MOON CSM FLYOVER.

Later said to be one of many mining machines observed by the crew...

(nicknamed "Annabelle" by the Apollo 12 astronauts.)

And check this out: Unknown Satellite Watches Earth for two weeks
(Hope we hear about many of these developments.)

Shuttle Take off and land of Atlantis: SPECTACULAR!
Very lovely NASA clip; more later... Enjoy your day! -MB
A few interesting links:
China Launch Won't Ignite New Space Race, Analysts Say

Forbes: The New Space Race
Also featuring Slideshow: OF THESE SPACE COWBOYS

New Space Race for Tourists:
"Forget the Russians and the Americans. The new space race is between the guys from Virgin Atlantic,, and PayPal."

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