Media Would Fail (1946) Despotism Meter

The Media has an ethical obligation to offer retractions, but rarely do...
And clearly, false News reports have contributed not only to Global instability... They remain the chief contributor to a growing World-wide censorship.

The principals of a 1946 "Freedom of the Press"...
A time in history where Media Standards & ethical reporting were a moral given. (Video: 9 min 56 sec )- Archived Jan, 1976
-I'll admit, the Videos are corny, but there are truths.

Interesting 40's retro film-clips (above & below) are of a "Faded-Era"...
But today, America has failed to raise the bar on Media Standards; and after 62 years of Faux Reporting, we find a small percentage of ‘Media population’ who have gained complete power & influence over the people's vote, their voice, and privacy rights...

Responsibilities of American Citizenship (1940’s)
According to a 1940's classroom... :D

But it's not too late for Americans to uphold Media Standards... And strengthen the ethics of Journalists, and reporters, while establishing principals for fair and integral Reporting!
UPDATE: HT: Instapundit
"Other Republicans are Running Against Each Other, but...
Fred Thompson is running against the press."
If they don't want you to win an election; they deselect you! Which is exactly what is happening to candidate Fred Thompson!
-Watch VIDEO as Fred sets them straight: View Here
Perhaps, more later...

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