Egyptian Night Sun of Emerald Ra...

Beyond Earth and in the sky, a celestial object, depicted as a star, was surrounded by a circle or band or ring...
"Thou hast made heaven and earth bright with thy rays of pure emerald light." Book of the Dead
Today, aided by Ancient Mythology, this Emerald Light Synthesis continues to merge Modern Astronomy with the leading edge of plasma physics...
View Thunderbolts of the Gods - VIDEO

Interesting... Prior to the formation of the Saturnian configuration, the planet Saturn loomed large in a darkened terrestrial sky; during a time when the Sun was hidden behind an obscuring medium...
From Saturn's Radio Emissions-
Bizarre and unexplained Sounds

Reflections on Ancient Mythology…
Dwardu Cardona points out the many Egyptian archives which do not fit the model of daylight Sun... And explains the text parallels, hieroglyphics, with evening light... Read: A Case for Mistaken Identity.

Realization of time appeared for the Ancients
"During this time of perpetual darkness, man had no way of calculating the passage of time. It was only when the Saturnian configuration started to form and, more precisely, when the Saturnian band, due to the illumination of the Sun, was seen to split into two halves, one bright, the other dim, that ancient man was supplied with the means of telling time." Read more

Egypt Video Links:
Egypt's Most Famous Female King Found. King Hatshepsut
As a prolific builder who expanded Egyptian trade; she not only was the eldest daughter of the pharaoh Tuthmose...Her grandmother was Amos Nefreteri. read more

Egypt's golden empire, and the Warrior Pharaohs-
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

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