Evolutionary Psychology & the ASPM Gene

I'm still in the studio painting...
Taking a quick break to add an interesting video (bottom of post)
Today, our knowledge is evolving, Savants are returning, and our own involvement in industry/technology continues to alter our DNA...
-IMAGE: Former "1999 fashion-Matrix-style!" Haha
My paintings are taking on a genetic-engineering theme (as is this post)
Runway fashion- Gaultier; -99
Film (below) covers a quick journey through Evolutionary Psychology, to the social complexities; & similar codes of the Primates...
...Although the clip doesn't touch on this subject of an engineered ASPM gene... I'm left to wonder if the similarities of its structure "links" as an engineering by higher intelligence (post creator) who sought the "perfect balance of the perfect order."
NOTE: The interest level on this 47 min clip increases as you watch it.
In 2004, Dr. Bruce T. Lahn decoded the (primate) ASPM gene, and notes the evolutionary changes in the ASPM gene in the human.... But we lacked the statistical tools for sequencing ASPM in primate species.
Closing thought, as I return to paint... (Will try to post when I can.)
"If the old eugenics was driven by the ideology and the state, the new version will be driven by the market. Genetic screening will be an instrument by the competitive society."
UPDATE: So, who altered God's Creation, to engineer a larger brain?
Scientific Evidence points here...

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