Back in Studio: Music & Synchronicities

I can't tell you the synchronicities for me in this painting by Artist Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)...
© Courtesy: Art Renewal Center

I'm inspired, so I'm back in the studio to paint... Hopefully the files I've added (below) will inspire you... Some very lovely and Peaceful melodies...
You're all in there, somewhere (More to add later)
Oh, and a "M. Barbay" painting :) As inspiration - "W. Kandinsky (1903) from beautiful Tunis"
-Purportedly during his era of 'Global- Cooling' :D

Andreas Vollenweider
Krishna (govinda-moments)
Angelis O Holy Night
Painted by M. Barbay © - 2003

Indonesie Yaa Thoybah
Sarit Hadadshma
hare rama vishnu love
(More to add later…)

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