EU to assess human rights agenda in Cuba every year -Czech ForMin

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
This is great news... The millions who have fled Cuba to become Cuban-Americans, had held hope that Raul would adopt better policy than Castro; and free those jailed for over 10 years for speaking out against the Regime...
US Definition of Freedom is not Gov. Dependence.

To evolve and enjoy the same freedoms they enjoy in America, had run into fierce competition from the Revolutionary States; engaged as sympathizers to the Regime.

Very Nice Video-log and music... We love our Cuban immigrants, now very much a part of American society. A little Nation of 11 million people, about the size of one of our small states; will (perhaps) choose find a better way... May the Cuban-American's plight with Castro, never be misconstrued or invalidated; as they have chosen freedom...

"For years, US humanitarian Donations to Cuba, went directly to the people, rather than its Government... US (PDF)
Today, the Regime garners support, but should not invalidate their harsh treatment of our (now) Cuban- Americans."

Chavez Says He'll Cut Oil Sales to EU for Migrant Law: Story.
"Chavez said he'll also compile a list of investments that European countries that support the new immigration law have in Venezuela. Investment from those countries isn't needed, he said." More.

European Union lifts diplomatic sanctions against Cuba More.
"We haven't softened our approach," Bildt said. "It's a repressive regime. ...Now we are very explicit on what we want. We want democratic changes."

The article says, "The EU will push strongly for Cuban authorities to open up their economy, liberate Internet access, and release political prisoners."

...Asked if lifting EU sanctions would weaken U.S. sanctions, Casey said simply, "We'll see," but offered no assessment. Read more.

End of diplomatic sanctions...
"In 2003 the EU put all relations with Cuba on hold after some 75 dissidents were arrested and sentenced to up to 28 years in prison. Castro’s government responded in kind by breaking off all ties to European embassies in Cuba." Read.
Please engage Mexico & the drug trade, next! Bundled into the EU.

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