2008: Media Begins their 'End of 2 Party'

Independent Candidates had little confidence in their own ticket... Now, as a result, much confusion, cross-over votes not counted; we have the makings of "one party"... In recent polls, 60 to 80 percent of registered voters say they want an independent presidential candidate; and constitute the largest segment of the American electorate. According to the author of:
"Declaring Independence"
HT: Instapundit

The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System
"The numbers don’t lie: We are a nation of political moderates who want smart, workable solutions to our serious problems. Largely as a result of media attention, the current cynical and dysfunctional political system divides us into red and blue" Americas...
And if the Media wasn't embroiling the enemy, they were blaming my country for being attacked... And while publishing hundreds of faux anti-troop reports; they did everything they could to prolong this war! Now they'll pull down on the nose, apply power, and hope the altitude they've reached is not too low...

We'll pull out of the nose-dive...
but... wait until after the election" -Congress

And now that the option for multi- party candidates is (perhaps) ending... I'll see whether we've chosen a candidate that has a sense of emergency and not "forbidden" to fight terror... And whether the the newly elected are capable of using the same financial provisions that were unused yet available to (leftist) Greenspan. (And likely would have averted the sub-prime in the first place.)

Meanwhile, hello from beautiful France...

Divisive Media Attention...
... Makes government less responsive, efficient, and effective. Americans want to see results; they don’t care whether those results come from Republicans or Democrats or people outside the two old-school parties." Read more.

"Old-school" (perhaps) but Media shouldn't decide! (*'_'*)

Posted by D. Worth (US) -For: m. barbay (France)

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