Red, White, & Blue (And Free to be)

Still in Europe for a while longer... and feeling a little homesick. Perhaps its because I have never lived in a Nation so free, so filled with all the best of every nationality, inspiration, & religious culture; as I have in my 'red, white, & blue' USA... And of all who were drawn, to be part of this American inspiration? There is not one, would ever have to ask why...

If circumstances find troubles that require an act of patriotic spirit... You will never find a greater people of unmatched and unrivaled loyalty... right by your side. God Bless America...

Blackhawk says, "We've come farther faster than any country on this planet. We've great people, done great things, led the way, and paved the road...

And of all we've given and transformed, we did so with pioneer and patriotic spirit unmatched and unrivaled in this world... And he says, "It's been thrilling and terrifying and filled with the all of the things that make any country great."

I'll be in Moujan at the studio... (till end of week)...

UPDATE: Just found this amazing VIDEO story...
Tornado update: Union University, "The Building Imploded!"
Miraculously, All survived at the University
Student Aaron Gilbert describes what happened as a tornado hit the school.

Posted by D. Worth (US) For: m. barbay (France)

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