Super Tues: Romney Widens Lead? (CA)

Still in Paris, my absentee vote is in...
-Zogby has Romney tops by (8) in my Golden State (CA)
Though, considering the protocol of acquiring delegates for each district; McCain may still end up with many of these...

-Super Tuesday Polling: Mittmentum?
-AUDIO Glen and Helen Show: Mitt Romney

We've a new generation of challenges; & Romney is the best qualified Moderate to set-straight, elements of America...
The Romney family is rallying in several states, on cusp of Super Tues...
Including his wife, Ann...

Permission TV: Romney Family & the Encouragement of American self-worth #
Click Image- View Video:

Super Tuesday ... A Vote for Mitt Romney:
Each of Romney's opponents hold a vision of America as a Nation which strives toward Government dependence!
Bryan has this: The Romney Paradox
Paul at Powerline posts: Why I'll vote for Romney...

Another chief concern...
Obama's preference to abandon NASA space program for (5) yrs; to provide more domestic entitlement programs; comes at a time when American Scientists are on the verge of developing crucial break-throughs.
-I've family, engaged in this industry...

A Coloradian films (Multi-Candidate) Tues-prep. (The Update)

My quick evaluation of the other candidates:
Obama: Civil Rights Leader
Clinton: Marxist Socialist Leader
McCain: Veterans Support Leader
Romney: Presidential Leadership (formative & moderate)

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