Mattafix - You Shall Rise

Those who stand for safety & well being, of those 'far less fortunate'; are not just in Darfur, they are everywhere in the World... But it takes the most selfless of all Humanitarians to deliver global aid supplies to the most dangerous regions of Africa...
The hope to evolve regions from dire poverty is a God given Mission.
This Music Video is for you...

Posted by D. Worth (US)
For- m. barbay (France)

Mattafix - Living Darfur
Uploaded by hakim93200 Video stops abruptly (sorry)

Perhaps these desperate populations (above) will, someday, have an opportunity to rise above, and live amidst peaceful harmony without fear. But I have no doubt that if these French & Foreign Nationals were not there to protect these struggling populations; they would fail to meet the bare necessities...

Never underestimate the generosity and selflessness of the peace soldiers, the troops, and Humanitarians… They are one and the same.

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