Media Took Care of 'that' GOP Candidate!

UPDATE: Click image below- Thompson's S.C. Speech...
My candidate was made invisible until the upstate vote started to trickle in...Soon Obama was...Out ... And Thompson was down ...Again!

And as for the later, my candidate ran a strong campaign, when he wasn't "Running against the Democrat Entire Media!"
A Media who refused to air his positions, & even "voluntarily" closed his campaign!
They might continue to Gaggle him; but Fred is still in the Line-up!

If I had not been a Republican, my vote would have gone to Obama... The way he issued restraint, in the last week, from the Clinton catfights, claws, and mockery… We hear the same statements given today, as we've heard in the Clinton-couple's last 8 year running... Again the Clintons spent:
"An entire week's worth of false, divisive attacks designed to mislead caucus-goers and discredit the caucus itself."
-David Plouffe
Obama obviously gave hope to many... But was Obama's success 'ramped up' by the Media in order to shift away from the other candidates, for a last minute Clinton sweep?
Rick Moran Show (after primary) here

In fact, the Clintons have dissolved & undercut 'pending' U.S. business deals: Like they did with India's Pending Nuclear Program

"They're the Two Americas." ... More on this later...

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