Velvet Apocalypse: Hayutman's Peace for (M. East)

Let us not forget, we are hologram 'spirits' sharing a physical experience.

-Re: Fight over 35-acre plateau in heart of Jerusalem...
Revisiting a former article by Joshua Davis...Reveals "How a hologram, a blimp, and a massively multiplayer game' could bring peace to the Holy Land." Read: Apocalypse Now! -View Video: FogScreen tech (below)
"It may sound crazy, but every other effort at peace has failed, and partisans on all sides are surprisingly open to Hayutman’s proposals. People in the Middle East are used to radicals who carry guns and explosives. Hayutman is a radical who envisions a peaceful, technological advent to the end of the world." Read more
ABOUT: It’s as simple as it is stunning. Using nothing more than tap water and ultrasonic waves, FogScreen projection screen machines employ a patented technology to create a smooth foggy airflow that captures images just like a screen. You can walk right through a FogScreen projection screen without getting wet.
-The microscopic fog droplets actually feel dry to the touch, just like air.

Did I Solve this Mystery UFO sighting (over Israel) which baffled Scientists?! Thank you, Barbay... Haha!

A Nov (2007) video (Giant UFO over Israel)

More about FogScreen Technology:
"Les fonctions interactives de FogScreen permettent d'écrire et de dessiner à la main dans l'air, votre doigt servant de pointeur. Cela est possible car FogScreen peut utiliser un laser pour suivre les mouvements de la main, et le doigt de l'utilisateur devient alors la souris. Un écran de projection passif devient ainsi un immense écran tactile interactif, dont les utilisations potentielles sont alors très étendues."

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