Shame on America (If Billary Returns)

Still preparing for my trip (France) until the 31st... Visiting my Mother, and considering a whole new set of options... Just received this Image:
(Author unknown; but, nothing humorous about their "3rd-term" effort.)
BILLARY is going to need all the "tax-paying work-horses" they can create; when Corporate America is driven out via impossible tax; and "thin-air Programs" for "endless flow" of those here illegally."
"If they don't win - you cheated."

So you want to work for the Clintons? A quick refresher course.

"American citizens of all partisan have been gaggled, silenced, and pushed out of the courts, while the Clintons squash corruption inquiries in all three branches of Government...

Here's the jest of their resume' from Fellow Democrats, Today.
-And a Video (below) from Democrat 'Industry friends'...Yesterday.
And no problem that this is the film the MEDIA refuses to touch...
BUT WE THE PEOPLE of America, are entitled to (yet denied) fair access to HRC's public Whitehouse records... Now sealed until well after her run, for the highest office in the US!

Read Democrat Rockefeller's evaluation of the nature of Clinton's Health-care direction...
-HRH Healthcare Evaluation- By Rockefeller
Until then...Rendez-vous apr├Ęs le 31 janvier! -MB xo
Read this Rich Moran post! Whatever it takes
"They raise money from whatever source, regardless of the reputation and intent of the giver, with a strong arm tactic available to harass, threaten, and annoy their opponents." read more....And Blaaaaa!

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