A Celestial Impact: Crater & Climate (Siberia)

"We have no positive proof this is an impact crater, but we were able to exclude some other hypotheses, and this led us to our conclusion." #
-Professor Giuseppe Longo (Researcher)
- Mystery Space Blast 'Solved': Read more.

Tunguska 1908 Siberia Blast:Archive footage
The object that hurtled through the atmosphere on the morning of 30 June, 1908, is thought to have detonated some 5-10km above the ground with an energy equivalent to about 20 million tonnes of TNT. An explosion so bright it lit up the sky in London, UK.
Luca Gasparini, Giuseppe Longo and colleagues from Bologna argue that the lake feature, about 8km north-north-west of the airburst epicenter, may have been gouged out by remnant material that made it to the ground. Read more.
View Interesting History (prior to the Scientific claim)
-Prior to evolving Science, explosion was thought to be U.F.O.
- Now, Mystery 'Space Blast' Solved: Read story.

It was twenty years before the world's scientists were able to enter the Russian Siberia location of Tungusta, to examine the blast of 1908... And today, as intriguing as it is, the impact thought to be made by celestial events upon our earth; will be best understood, away from the earth... Soon, the play of celestial events (and their impact upon earth's climate) will reveal...

...Perhaps two important changes in our understanding of mysterious regions of variant gravitational vortex. And might soon be:
1. Moon exploration & its drilling, to define our presence & fragility in cosmos.
2. Vortex and Grid travel will stretch our limitations and provide universal solution.

Today in the news...
Brace For The Big Chill
"Bloomberg reports that worst hit will be the Siberian region of Evenkiya, while neighbor Georgia, whose climate is subtropical, already plunged to as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius. Lake Paliastomi in the western Georgia froze for the first time in 50 years, reports Rustavi-2 television." View more

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