They Call it Victory- Most Call it Caution

A couple of quick parallels today…
Reminder: You'll need to have fuzzy details of history, to forget what brings us to today... If not, 'Claims of Victory' might easily be considered 'Claims of Caution.'

With the two (images below) both imagine a fan-club much more extensive than their campaign suggests… Today, Ahmadinejad declares Victory over the West with his nuclear program...
As is stated to have "stopped bomb-making" a few years ago!
What they are not hearing:
"Iran needs to continue working with us. Iran needs to clear the deck."
-IAEA's ElBaradei
"European and U.N. officials said the report bolsters their argument for negotiations, and that the international community should not walk away from years of talks with an often defiant Tehran that is openly enriching uranium for uncertain ends.

They also said sanctions are still an option to compel Iran to be fully transparent about its nuclear program." Read more
Again... Fuzzy details of history are required... as Clinton validates stage participation as a FULL block representing a much larger endorsement than is being verified… Claiming to have full transparency, while much is hidden or goes the way the 'wind-vote' blows… Read more
Caution: Huge Nail in U.S. coffin, here!"
What some are not seeing:
As Clinton Amnesty incentives further MASS chain migration of "sweet" & mass unskilled populations... Her agenda is deplored by ALL parties!
Fact Is: It is the "hidden" Erosion of African American Political Power in the 21st Century! -SOURCE

Caution: Huge Nail in U.S. coffin...
Discounting significant Children's programs ALREADY IN PLACE while pushing for free health care for an 'additional' portion of America's children. Hillary campaign claims that everything will be "pre-2000" if we submit to her election... When in fact, fuzzy "over-taxing of U.S. citizens" will do more to clamp down on the economical growth of America; while further challenging U.S. Infrastructure!

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