Africom: U.S. Lead 'Non-Military' Mission

The Media might have reported US to be 'cheap on aid to the UN'... But as American humanitarian efforts have reach unparalleled levels; the TRUTH about US leadership and generosity have been hit by 2008 politics remain greatly understated...
Andrew Lubin reports-
"The Pentagon’s newest geographic command has a different mission, says Africom’s military deputy, Navy Vice Admiral Robert Moeller. “We intend to work in tandem with other U.S. government agencies to assist partner nations there to confront poverty, disease, terrorism and other challenges,” he told OnPoint...
Read the letter from Admiral Moeller!
The same Congress which de-funds our Military, won't report this at election time!! But, the non-partisan efforts of Africom today, ALL deserve their recognition and support...

Admiral Moeller explains:
"A key point is that African nations are taking the lead in their relations with AFRICOM, which will assist those countries in developing the capacities they need to help themselves...
"The main mission is social, Adm Moeller explained; “AFRICOM will team with the U.S. State Department and other U.S. agencies and organizations to assist African partners to combat AIDS, malaria and other challenges that affect regional stability and security. “ In time the HQ will be based on the African continent, and there are on-going discussions with the several countries who would like to host it."
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Media Manipulation:
Halting its program is not the same thing as never having had one.

(Via James Joyner, who thinks the problem may stem from "an intelligence system that so incentivizes bureaucratic backside covering that it overemphasizes threats and disregards contrary information.")

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