IAEA Chief hopes for Transparent Iran

MONTEVIDEO, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- Visiting International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamed ElBaradei said here Monday the body hoped that Iran continues to tackle its nuclear issue transparently to boost international confidence in this.

ElBaradei told the media that the IAEA is continuing to investigate whether Iran's nuclear program is peaceful or not, and that despite the progress in IAEA-Iran cooperation, much work needs to be done to resolve the nuclear issue. -Editor: Sun Yunlong Read more
UPDATE: ElBaradei's job, to protect the legitimacy of the rules and expectations of the IAEA, is not an easy one...And often the subject of much misunderstanding...
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Rose: A Talk with Mohamed ElBaradei
A clearer understanding and respect for his handling of this issue is in order. As all sides blame the messenger. His balance and contribution deserves respect.

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The song "Asathoma sadgamaya, Thamasoma
jyothirgamaya, mrithyorma amrithamgamaya"

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If Radical militant groups secretly share nuclear technology... (Try 2011!)

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Iran, Hamas vow to thwart Any Mideast peace deal

And we sure wish you: Good Luck with this, one!

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KASHTAN-M anti-aircraft anti-missile system

And who decide for themselves: Chinese banks restrict Iran trade

RE: The UN Security Council passed a resolution in December 2006, urging Iran to stop uranium enrichment and endorsing sanctions related to its nuclear program and ballistic missiles.

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