Rose: A Talk with Mohamed ElBaradei

A helpful conversation with the Director-General of the IAEA; Mohamed ElBaradei who weighs in on the Iranian Question; which, basically, has little to do with today... But everything to do with tomorrow.
A number of question marks, still hope to be resolved...
A very worthwhile Video - Oct 31, 2007- 56 min talk -
I really like Mohamed ElBaradei, who shares his reflection of a problem in the M. East (interconnected between poverty and oppression) which, in its desperate strives between Development & Empowerment, can lead to WMD. ElBaradei (from Egypt) is very compassionate & knowledgeable.

Iranians Created Confidence Deficit from the beginning...
Suspension requirements by the UN, were not honored; even though Iran claimed that they did not need elevated enrichments... A measure of distrust goes at least a half of a century; shared by many Western countries who (too) have shared the behaviors of Iran...

It has not been only a US concern; it has been the concern of dozens of countries; just as it was not only the Iranians who signed the Non Proliferation Treaty.
Stability of the region amidst Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, & Afghanistan, dictate the serious need for FULL International trust...

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