Renewable Act 2005: Meet Congress CO2

Let the Corporate Tax Targets Begin... #
There are fundamental differences in leadership which takes into consideration its economy... Whether its Republican's reducing CO2 emissions by reducing taxes on energy that doesn't produce CO2... Or Democrat's emissions cap which amounts to disguised taxation.
This sums it up!
Bush Renewable Act of 2005- Doesn't Have CO2 Vouchers: PDF
"Passed in 2005- (66 to 29) -With wide support from Democrats;
as the largest renewable energy package of ANY administration...
A cooperative effort in an on-going commitment to share, develop,
and convert new alternative sources of energy. Scientists around
the globe; meeting the immediate demands of today."

-Video: Including Elevated Marine Conservation
Yearly Target of Energy Policy Act of 2005
$4.3 billion for nuclear power
$2.8 billion for fossil fuel production
$2.7 billion to extend the renewable electricity production credit
$1.6 billion in tax incentives for investments in clean coal facilities
$1.3 billion for conservation and energy efficiency
$1.3 billion for alternative motor vehicles and fuels
(ethanol, methane, liquified natural gas, propane)
Democrats needed the CO2 legislation for Bali, and wind projects,
And they work hand-in-hand with Environmentalists, right?

Coalition of Environmental Groups Sue to Require
Extensive Environmental Review of Wind Projects.
"The federal suit, filed in U.S. Western District Court in Austin, said the turbines could kill untold numbers of migratory birds and damage the bay."

Future energy credits: Just got a whole lot trickier

And, as more than 10,000 jet into Bali for global warming conference...
U.N. official rejects notion attendees adding to problem

Concerned with letting Democrats invent these programs?
Look what they did to my State, in 2000! Eight months before 9-11, Democrats created secret bidding and illegal price-gouging in California! It finally took Arnold Schwarzenegger and a Republican President to fix it! Arnie finally won a multi-billion dollar refund on price-gouged funds! Read more!

Climate obstacles ahead: The logic is that:
"If rich countries limit emissions while developing countries don't, greenhouse-gas-intensive industries will migrate to developing countries. And if developing countries have dirtier factories than rich ones, the perverse effect of limits on greenhouse gases in the United States might be that global emissions go up." Read more
There's truth to that logic, but it leads to a brick wall. Developing countries would probably challenge the tariffs at the World Trade Organization.

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