NASA's Vision and Reality: Colonization

As permanent lunar settlements near the horizon...
I suspect that the return of DAWN DISCOVERY MISSION in the next 40 months, is likely to 'greatly expedite' this process... For now, we are seeing new innovative rocket designs amidst testing of advanced lunar spacesuits, in the Arizona Desert... *Dawn: launched 2007; Return: 4 years!

And NASA's "Numa"... A new simulated development of a lunar habitat; 60 feet below the gulf of Mexico, gives way to the test and challenges of acclimation, similar to a moon colony...
View NASA's Plan to Colonize the Moon- But Dawn (2011) will vitalize mission!
If you love hydrogen, nitrogen, & solitude; you're half-way there.

AND YES WE DID LAND ON THE MOON! ANYONE, here on Earth, with access to a large telescope, a laser, a photo-detector, and the appropriate dichroic filters, can confirm for themselves the presence of the LRRR (Laser Ranging Retro-Reflector) left on the moon at each landing site as part of the ALSEP packages!

We have but scratched the surface...
In a position paper issued by the National Space Society (NSS), a return to the Moon should be considered a high space program priority, in order to begin development of the knowledge and identification of the industries unique to the Moon. The NSS believes that the Moon may be a repository of the history and possible future of our planet, and that the six Apollo landings only scratched the surface of that treasure.

According to NSS, the Moon's far side:
Permanently shielded from the noisy Earth, it is an ideal site for future radio astronomy. Unique products may be producible in the nearly limitless extreme vacuum of the lunar surface, and the Moon's remoteness is the ultimate isolation for biologically hazardous experiments.
PLSS at the National Air and Space Museum
As experience and confidence grew after the first few missions, it became apparent that longer duration EVAs could be accommodated. A work in progress...

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