NASA Voyager Views Dent in Solar System (Termination shock)

Today's findings prove the solar-system dent (NASA Article below) by the interstellar magnetic field based upon data from NASA's Voyager 2... But interesting views of these flares & disruptions, mapped time ago.

"The magnetic field is disturbing an otherwise spherical surface." -Stone

Solar system dented by magnetic field of deep space
Beijing | Xinhuanet 12. 11. 07 -- Scientists revealed on Monday that our solar system is dented by the interstellar magnetic field of deep space based on the data gathered by NASA's long-running Voyager 2 spacecraft on its 30-year journey into the edge of the solar system.

Researchers have long suspected the solar system was bent, but never had direct evidence until now, said Voyager mission scientist Edward Stone of the California Institute of Technology, Monday.
"Voyager 2 entered the termination shock almost 1 billion miles closer within the southern hemisphere of the heliosphere of the solar system than Voyager 1 previously had," said Stone.

"The termination shock is a turbulent area far beyond Pluto's orbit where the solar winds emanating from the sun are significantly slowed as they run up against the thin gas of interstellar space." Read more. -Editor: Song Shutao
Remote-viewing, a practice ahead of its time, aligns with Scientific Study.
View More of Major Ed Dame's observations... (25 min– Talk)
Dame's views show remarkable accuracy...View: Description of RV
Hey, maybe he's wrong this time... :| (Has it's Gore-ish Doom.)
More stories today:
Tracking Variations in Earth's Magnetic Field
Lisa Tauxe: Perspectives on Ocean Science
Interesting talk on 400 years of accurate Magnetic
field data; Retaining records of variations (flux patches)

National Geographic:
Why Does Earth's Magnetic Field Flip?
By studying the model, the scientists discovered that, as the geodynamo generates new magnetic fields, the new fields usually line up in the direction of the existing magnetic field.

Interesting study at CalTech:
Powering the Planet (PDF)

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