Perspectives on Renewable Energy: What's Here Now

Significant contributions toward renewable Energies are available, and now ready for installation; so, there's no need to wait. Most do, because they are not familiar with the technology... If sustainable alternative fuels-based future holds interest; this video is for you!

NOTE: Technology is also relative to February 2007, but only few factors have changed… One Factor: The evolving reduction of cost! Particularly concerning carbon/hydrogen polymer semiconductor assembly on solar cells…
Viewing time: 57 min 24 sec -A lot of traffic on this Video, so (in case it runs slow) choose off-peak. This video should answer \a few questions you might have...

And because we’re already technological motivated; we want the efficiency to go up, and the costs to go down, and better materials... I'm personally reluctant to favor Governmental program-interventions, just yet...

NOTE: This conference on Emerging Energies Technologies takes an unbiased look at how the United States can make the transition from dependency on carbon-based fuels to a sustainable alternative fuels-based future. In this program Nobel laureate Alan Heeger of UCSB and Joan Ogden of UC Davis give their perspectives on renewable energy. Series: Technology Management Program [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 13287

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