Rubble in Algiers - AQIM Warns Europe

AQIM, in an effort to ramp up its violent struggle to bring down the Algerian government; aimed bombs at the Algerian political structure; resulting in the loss of 62 lives this morning... Terror-warnings issued for Europe.

One might want to take a serious look at these threats toward a Nation who has not subscribed to military interventions... France!
And AQIM's strategy which promises deadly future actions...

The area of belief that the 'eradication of terror' greatly contributes to its growth; should be measured with the assumption that Terror Groups scan be reasoned with... We should remember Saudi King Abdullah's latest visit as he spoke of Great Britian's need to do more to fight terror. He is completely correct...
هذه هي هجمات ضد الاسلام

Attack in Algiers: al-Qaeda Warning to Europe
From the Attack this A.M. in Algerian capital of Algiers (killing 62)
"Given the personalized nature of that renewed fury, however, why didn't the AQIM seek a terror attack on Sarkozy or French interests during his state visit to Algeria last month?
"Success," explains the French counter-terrorism official. "Trying to kill a visiting leader or bomb a place he's set to visit while security alerts are full is not going to work. Waiting a week until security has slackened to below even normal levels to attack - your chances of success get much better."
According to News Reports:
"French Security Officials say that AQIM's organizational effectiveness makes it the largest risk of non-homegrown terror to continental Europe...

The French, who keep a very close eye on suspected terror cells on their own territory, are nervous that the AQIM cells from Algeria may be rolled out against France and other European nations, all relatively easy to reach from just across the Mediterranean."
- Bruce Crumley
All about "Sarkozy's friendlier relations with the U.S?" These extremists hold Curious similarities with those who greatly undermine a concerned Int'l community.

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