Meadows and Markers of Verdun

Those who have visited the Monuments in France would certainly have seen the gratitude bestowed upon our United States Troops... It was very humbling.

View (Link) of a disturbing picture of Hitler's threats:
"They will suffer, humiliating Defeat." -Hitler (caution)

And, the clip (below) recalls the small French village where tyranny might have ruled at the end of the day... And where meadows and markers, serve as reminder...

These 300 Days of Verdun began without belief...
As freedom was least recognized as part of the fight; until hundreds of thousands were killed & captured, with little contact to outside World.

A million German troops attacked French soldiers at Verdun... The French army alone had 550,000 casualties... And those who wanted to avoid the bloodshed, were caught & killed within the single force of Hitler's rapidly staged coups... As its flow of Death progressed across the continents.
Read of the Hundreds of thousands of casualties of this war!
These Were Mankind's Decisive Battles

Today, we, of the East and West, face another decisive battle... But is is whether or not we realize that today's Terrorist Fundamentalists are not the slightest bit interested in the people of Islam, Religious principals, Rulers, Kings or Emirs; or people's future!
They want Arab fields, Regional Dominance, & Weaponry to do it!

Terrorists gather support against their obstacles, and then use IED's in Iraq and Pakistan marketplaces; killing women & children without a single Int'l soldier in sight! Today's Militants use Freedom of Speech to spin propaganda; build commonality; hijack causes and elections, to break-down (not build-up) a Nation's stability!

Saudi's Arrest 872 smugglers!
Explosives and Weapons Seized!

Taliban abandons Musa Qala
Amid Afghan troops' Advancement

Today in the News...
Terrorist bombs children’s schoolbus in Kamra:
Suicide Attack shows how cruel Terrorists are!

Baghdad oil refinery ablaze after rocket attack
Terrorists Don't Want these Regions to Prosper!
Iraqi Security forces arrived at the site within minutes and began to control the blaze."Exact number of casualties is unknown at this time," the statement said.

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