Observatory Earth

Serious electrical storms continue intermittingly... And have prevented me from sending this... Finally, after three attempts!


It appears that Earth-Change predictions have become man's attempt to connect with his powerlessness; but none can deny the Universal sense of urgency and pending Earth shift, felt by many today. A continuing awareness connected with the unconscious, sees man's returning powers of perception...
For those unfamiliar with Remote Viewing...
Someday, there will be no place for terrorists to hide, nor planetary anomaly gone unnoticed; as remote-viewing continues to become an accepted Scientific Study. View Major Ed Dame's observations.
(25 min– Talk)

Most interesting is the study of how the discontinuities of celestial events have brought about merging tribes (vs) Militants on every continent; as are directly connected to a survivalist instinct... And curious is our world, which has conveniently lived beyond sustainability… As its attempts to correct Earth Changes:
Which curiously lack even the slightest workable theory!
An interesting little Video which explains more about the remote Viewing Phenomenon. View 4- min clip ...(Again, with Major Dames)

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