Coalition Victory: Arghandab, Afghansitan

UPDATE: The Taliban's goal of Kandahar City has stopped short... Now the goal of the Coalition is to help the families return to their homes. The "Halloween Taliban" were said to have seized an opportunity after Taliban leader, Mullah Dadullah (of southern Helmand province) was killed by NATO troops... But the work of the coalition from 37 countries, under guidance of Canadian forces... Helped to prevent a Key take-over.
View the Video:

This is good news for the hundreds of Afghan Villagers, who (October 31st) were forced from their homes by Taliban Militants... Now the hundreds of farmers can return to their crops!
Taliban stormed Afghanistan's principal food region; in an attempt to form a shield-base to take back a former strong-hold in Kandahar... But with help from coalition Nations working fiercely with Afghan Army forces; the Taliban were forced back in retreat...
Soon the Militants fled from the region...
Video Q & A Session by: Canadian Forces Maj. Eric Landry
View clips from members of the coalition...
The Brits against Taliban Forces

And view this Terrorist flush, by Danish Forces, who have their own style of dealing with the "Laden-inspired" Taliban!
Danish Forces clear Taliban strong-holds

Afghanistan, 37 countries say that you will NOT be held by the grips of Taliban Terror! And as the Taliban ran to hide...They are not expected to return to this region! No matter the vows of the Taliban commander...

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